Premium Tree-Free Animal Bedding

Recommended usage for stalls measuring 12′ x 12′


Step 1 – Clean stall thoroughly, removing any existing bedding before applying Hemp Bedding.

Step 2 – Spread bedding evenly across the stall floor to a depth of 4 inches thick. Use 5-7 bales to start.  After the 1st week – use around 1 bale/week per stall as needed to replace dirty bedding.

Step 3 – Lightly mist the bedding with water (1/2 gallon per 10 bales of Hemp Bedding) to open up the Hemp Bedding to its most effective absorbancy.

Step 4 – As needed, remove any moist clumps and manure from the stall.  Leave any remaining clean bedding in the stall, only removing the dirty bedding.  Replace the material you remove with fresh bedding.  Hemp bedding cuts down on storage and labor costs.

Step 5 – Clean out completely every 2-3 months as needed.


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